Love songs and music for Mass

Contribution to the 2023 Anglican Arts Festival


St George's International School, 11, rue des Peupliers, Hamm

NB: The Art of Music's performance will take place after the interval, which is scheduled to end at 8.30.

During the Renaissance period, music for the Mass (Kyrie eleison, Sanctus, Agnus Dei etc.) was often composed on the basis of pre-existing shorter pieces of music. Those could be motets (anthems) or even secular songs, for example love songs. The Art of Music's programme will feature love songs by Josquin and Mouton, together with Mass movements based on them, composed by Cristóbal de Morales and Rocco Rodio. The Mass movements not only develop the musical material at greater length but also increase the number of voice parts from four to six. Incidentally, Mouton's song is not only a song of farewell to a lover: it also gives a reason for departure, namely that the king is not paying the musician's salary regularly enough.